The pricing of any job is split into three parts - the labour itself, possible spare parts and shipping cost. Prices for certain types of cameras are given as a range, as no two models of cameras will incur the same amount of work. You will be quoted the price for the service and possible replacement parts for your specific camera after booking a service for it and after the camera has been inspected. 

We do not offer partial services (e.g. only fixing the mirror squeak on a Canon AE-1), as one palpable problem with the camera is indicative of its general shape. We aim to fix the cause, not the symptoms.

The inspection cost of 15€ is only charged, should you refuse to have it repaired after being quoted. The camera is then shipped back to the customer at their expense.

You can find pricing examples and descriptions of included services below for most of the options we offer. 

35 mm SLR

220 .00 - 300 .00 €

  • Full mechanical service of shutter, mirror and transport mechanisms
  • Speeds calibration
  • Light meter calibration
  • New light seals and mirror bumper


450 .00 €

  • Full service of shutter, transport and focusing mechanisms
  • Speeds calibration
  • Infinity focus calibration
  • Adjustment of viewing lens focus, parallax correction
  • Cleaning of the optics

Leica M

300 .00 €


  • Full mechanical service of shutter and transport mechanisms
  • Speeds calibration
  • Rangefinder calibration
  • Baffle restoration

Hasselblad body

350 .00 € 

  • Mechanical service of the entire body mechanism
  • Replacement of internal light seals
  • Focal plane parallelism check
  • Cocking angle calibration


100 .00 - 150 .00 €

  • Full disassembly with cleaning of the helicoids,  aperture blades and housing parts
  • Optical cleaning
  • New helicoid grease
  • Infinity adjustment on the collimator

Leaf shutters

125 .00 €

  • Full mechanical service with removal of the shutter and aperture blades
  • Ultrasonic cleaning of mechanism components and housing
  • Speeds calibration

New F-1 optional extras

Various prices

  • Finder cleaning and resealing - 40 €
  • Renewal of weather sealing - 35 €
  • Speed linkage cord replacement (kevlar) - 50 €

Light seal replacement

35 .00 €

  • Removal of old light seals
  • Replacement with high-grade light seal material
  • Applies for external light seals only

Film backs

75 .00 €

  • Mechanical service with full disassembly and cleaning
  • Replacement of internal and external light seals
  • Darkslide seal renewal or replacement
  • Frame spacing adjustment and check