My name is Luka and I fix cameras.

I was born in 1995 and I have very vague childhood memories of people taking photos on film, and after revisiting those memories in family albums, the character of the photos is undeniably special. In 2016, I found my Grandfather's film camera, a Canon AE-1. It didn't work. It took some reading around and a bit of tinkering and it sparked to life.

Joy ensued and from there, a great fascination.

After some time passed, I started to buy cameras to repair them and soon, friends started ringing up, asking for theirs to be fixed as well. As of march 2022, I officially founded a small company that has become LZ Fotomehanika and started offering my services as a professional. The rest is history.

My full time job is in electrical engineering, where I work in research. I very avidly spend my free time repairing cameras, which makes it the dream hobby and a great connection with my existing passion for photography.

Photo by Jana Jocif