We are in great company

Camera Revival

A camera service shop founded by Alexander Kaller from Hasselt, Belgium. Factory trained by Leitz and a seasoned Mamiya expert. A dear and trusted business partner to whom we refer Mamiya customers as well as daily banter and jokes.

Referrals: Mamiya RB and RZ systems, Pentax 6x7, Leica barnack, M5 and M6, cine lenses


Midnight Camera Repair

A repair shop from Hong Kong run by Albert Tong. This Leica enthusiast provides us with after-market Leica parts of his own make, quality materials from the far east, as well as knowledge and joy. 



A film camera shop in Bern, Switzerland headed by Nicola Schmid. A pleasant business partner and a great camera nerd.


Pro Camera

Located in Charlotesville, VA, Pro Camera is led by the young techie and camera enthusiast, Ryan Jones. He is a rising name among camera technicians and one of the rare few who can repair the Contax 645 system.

Referrals: Contax 645 system, overseas customers



A camera repair shop based in Nantes, France. Specialized in Minolta cameras and run by Julien Mathe.

Referrals: Minolta cameras, Olympus Pen 


Hosto Photo

Fellow Canon nerd and camera repair enthusiast from Aix-en-Provence, Tibo Alberny. 



Based in Marolles-en-Brie, this repair shop is run by Ugo Nedellec, a universal technician who deals with many models.

Referrals: Rollei 35


Platy Photo

Camera repair shop and online store based in Lyon and founded by Leo Germain.

Referrals: Canonet models


Riley's camera

Riley is a camera repair fellow from Texas that also dips into parts manufacturing and metalworking.


ICT Camera

A camera service from Bonita, CA. Founded and led by Jim Holman, a Nikon sage.